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We work with businesses big and small helping them to increase organic growth, installs, retention and revenue. Keywords can help your app appear more frequently and higher up in the search results, and improving discoverability will improve downloads. Boosting engagement metrics and increasing the lifetime value of app users is what really matters more than ever. To get started on your keyword optimization, you’ll need to do some keyword research to find relevant keywords that have high search volume but low competition. Make use of the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends in the beginning to get a general idea of the keyword. When the App Store launched originally, developers could upload their application. App – developers should work at improving and increasing your application downloads by primarily reaching the correct audience for your product.

Over 500 thousand developers have viewed our tutorials to optimise their Apps’ performance in the app app store optimization aso illustrative app store optimization aso esthetic icon can really improve your visibility in Apple App Store. Picking both the Primary and Secondary Category for your app is a huge decision and critical to the success your app. So ASO isn’t all about downloads, but rather about finding sticky users that will keep using your app and stay engaged. So if you do make a video, be sure that it’s polished and represents your app well. This is one the huge factors in play when people are browsing for apps in the store. Next, research each of the relevant keywords that you have selected and find out the Difficulty Score of each keyword.

Your icon is the first impression users have of your app and ideally, you want it to be love at first site Your app icon should be eye-catching, compelling users to either download the app or learn more via the description and screenshots. Despite the past year’s peak in data on app store intelligence and productive app marketing practices, CEOs and app designers remain relentlessly impatient, and we can’t blame them.

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As this is a very intensive task, tools like App Radar can help you keep an overview of all this app store optimization services The total number of ratings has even more weight as it indicates the size of the community behind the app and its level of engagement. Even after you have done everything that has been mentioned above, App Store optimization still isn’t over. Once you get the hang of it, move on to SensorTower or AppAnnie These tools help with keyword suggestions, tracking, as well as competitor analysis (or spying). As you realize more and more app visibility across touchpoints near and far, and note an increase in downloads, ratings and reviews will likely follow. On the other hand, off page factors are something you have no full control over – for example external links pointing to your site or your page rank in eyes of Google. In order to improve the downloads of an app, the icon, preview video and screenshots of an app have to be optimized.

  • You want to avoid using special characters and symbols in your app title because it will be used on many places that do not support such characters, for example your app’s URL address.
  • While App Store Optimization sure sounds a lot like Search Engine Optimization (except for mobile phones), they’re not actually one and the same.
  • You literally need to get in their heads and understand how do they search the App Store in your particular niche.
  • This course is a lot more complete and although you get the 2015 content, in this course I have added new sections, new content and more about how to do ASO with the latest ASO tools. Simply put, app developers have to see this exchange as a ‘conversation’ where they ask and listen. ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. It’s important to remember that App Store Optimization is an ongoing process, not something you set and forget”.

    The more pluses your app gets, the more visible it will be in the Play Store and maybe even get bumped to the front page carousel. But don’t ask for a review too soon, like just after the user has downloaded the app. In a short, ASO is the combination of SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) for the world of apps, focusing on optimizing your app’s listing for better results. Localizing your keywords for different locations is proven to boost downloads by 767% This may seem like common sense but many companies overlook this. For the single most important piece of search metadata in the app store, you don’t want it to get chopped.

    Second, you are competing with other apps that have defined the same keywords, so keyword optimization in ASO is about finding the diamonds – those words that have a strong relation to the app functionality, and are likely to be searched by potential users, but have not been identified by competing apps – and therefore you should run and grab them.