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I used to look down at self publishing. Paying thousands of dollars for a company to make books that I then store in my garage never sounded very smart to me. That’s what they did. The editorial services were cursory if they existed at all. Editorial advice was a comic afterthought. It was and still can be a major rip-off, in my opinion.

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If you start earlier you’ll need to fund editorial services your business out of another source of income like a fulltime or part-time job. Since we are talking about editorial services, let’s see how relates to it. This can become a problem, simply because your advertising may not pay off immediately, and so you (or your partner) will start to worry about the lack of an immediate return on your investment.

I thought I had a grasp of what it would take to market my novels, but learned by trial and error, and ended with a portfolio of ideas for low-cost, do-it-yourself marketing. I have learned to embrace the saying that we sell books one-at-a-time, the old-fashioned way.

Other people in MFA programs have practical goals in addition to artistic ones. They might want an MFA in writing because they want to teach at the college level or enhance their high school teaching credentials. They might view the MFA program as a way to build important contacts in the literary community, contacts which will help them land a job in publishing or find an agent.

You can be nervous about applying for MFA programs. You can (and will) doubt your abilities. That’s OK. But you need to be ready. Life as an MFA student is exhilarating-and exhausting. You’ll read and write more than you ever have before. You’ll find some of your instructors incredibly helpful and others incredibly frustrating. You’ll sit in workshops and listen while your work gets praised or picked apart. Consider whether you have the necessary self-discipline and the ability to receive criticism. If you have serious doubts, take a workshop or two from a local college or community arts center. This will be good and also your educational victory will arrive soon training for an MFA program.

Jake and Jessica Bennett learn there was more to her parents’ deaths than they knew, and both the ranch and Jessica are in danger. Now they must quickly find the murderer . . . and discover for themselves how far they will go for love.

TAMMY: Cringe-about twenty years. Marriage happened, and children, a career search, the Northridge Earthquake, kidney failure . . . Life happened. Much like a sculptor, I guess, I chipped away at elements of the story throughout the years, developed characters, toured various places to gather research, and wrote whenever I could, which wasn’t often until I wound up on dialysis with lots of available time. The story was always there, hovering in the background, tugging at me.

You cannot put up a business without a capital. This includes the monetary or financial capital, material capital (supplies, gadgets, etc.), and manpower. Do you think you are prepared to invest all this into your business?

All in all, you’ve got your word cut out for you. Publishing a book is a lot of work. Consider these points of advice mentioned above prior to seeking out an agent or even a self-publisher. Signing with a publisher or even working with a self-publisher has its pros and cons. Obviously working with a real, well-known publisher will have more of a long term impact on you as a writer, however, writers often lose money due to royalty contracts. Self-publishers are usually quicker as well as more cost effective. It all depends on what works best for you.

Com/student-info/scholarships individual universities will also provide guidance on available funding write an essay opportunities