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There is a process every mobile marketer goes through when launching a new app. Picking, testing and refining cpimobi is a top priority for app publishers – both big and small, and the AppAnnie tool will show you which apps cpimobi ranking for the leading search cpimobi reveal competitors on terms you’re already using, and much more. Your choice of keywords also figures heavily into your app description, another huge factor in ASO.

I think this will play a huge role in ASO because it demonstrates how accurate an apps marketing is in relation to the app itself. Apple reports that Repetitive and/or irrelevant use of keywords in the app title, description or promotional description can create an unpleasant user experience and can result in an app suspension. But it is a vital piece of the app marketing puzzle and a should be in the arsenal of every app marketer. A title must be such that it makes people want to know more about the app and its functionality. Elements of personalization across channels include conversion reporting and analysis, platform-based analysis such as Facebook Insights and mobile app analytics, and customer-based analytics to create accurate segmentation, attribution and predictive modeling. The exact ranking algorithm is not public, but there are some known factors influencing the search result ranking in app stores.

Total number of downloads, download velocity (how many times your app is downloaded in the past three days) and ratings all play a big part in determining how apps are ranked. You understand it correctly: Splitmetrics creates a web page with each version, and when you click install, you’re redirected to the store. ASO subscribers get access to the company’s proprietary App Store Intelligence technology and exclusive data to make wise choices and select the best keywords for your app. A survey of users in the U.S. and Europe (Germany, France and the U.K.) shows that recommendations from friends was the number one factor driving users to play or download a game.

One note about Google Play: You must submit a feature graphic ” if you want your app to be featured anywhere in Google Play. With an increasing number of apps on a user’s device, app marketers are challenged to draw the user’s attention not only through an efficient user acquisition initiatives, but also via engagement and retention activities. It is an ongoing effort that produces better ROI than any other app marketing effort.


  • Keyword planners are great tools – but remember they use data from Google Web Search and not App Store cost per install mobile advertising <a href="https://cpimobi.
  • You could spend all of your time trying to optimize every month – but missing one factor could cost your app.

  • You’ve invested a lot of effort into building the best app possible It’d be a shame if that effort were wasted through lackluster SEO.
  • Your icon should stand out as well as represent what the app is.
  • When exploring different options in the app store, your icon is your first and sometimes only impression.
  • There are plenty of apps with great icon design to help guide your own design choices, and these are just a few of our favorites.
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  • Remember that having a good search-to-click ratio AND click-to-download ratio will affect your overall app rankings: optimize your keywords over time for those that you see improvements for in app rankings, and divest from those where your app rankings fall. For now, the main reason for Google Play Store’s comparatively low revenue is the billing for apps, namely Google Checkout. This problem can easily be fixed by focusing on localization, which is the process of marketing your app to non-English speaking people in their native languages. Keywords in description and short description – Google does use keywords from an app’s description to influence rank.

    Keywords can help your app appear more frequently and higher up in the search results, and improving discoverability will improve downloads. Boosting engagement metrics and increasing the lifetime value of app users is what really matters more than ever. To get started on your keyword optimization, you’ll need to do some keyword research to find relevant keywords that have high search volume but low competition. Make use of the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends in the beginning to get a general idea of the keyword. When the App Store launched originally, developers could upload their application. App – developers should work at improving and increasing your application downloads by primarily reaching the correct audience for your product.

    Basically, any keyword that could be relevant to your app and that is more or less close to your app’s universe. There are actually people stealing” names from other popular apps which at the end of the day leads only to confused customers and possible removal of the app by Apple because of a copyright infringement. For businesses where an app is the primary revenue driver, links to the App Store and Google Play store should be highly visible throughout the site. Keyword research should always start with an in-depth competitor analysis to understand how your competitors are positioned in the store.

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