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Developing a killer app is one thing, getting people to download it from the App Store or Google Play is a different ball game – and potentially a major headache. If you need help cpimobi keyword search, try tools cpimobi as Sensor Tower , TUNE (formerly MobileDevHQ) and App Annie You’ll find a wealth of useful app analytics to shape your marketing efforts. Obviously, A/B testing is a way to figure out which of the two variants tested in a controlled experiment gets better results — in the case of the App Store page, it means a better conversion from page views to app downloads. Plus, app store algorithms work differently, using their own specific ranking factors. So if an app is not ranking well in App Store search, it is losing out on the primary driver of free cpimobi downloads.

Mobile Action is a great entry as well as advanced-level tool for people looking to get their feet wet with app store keyword optimization, using a score system and recommendations to help you improve your ASO SEO performance. Use this space to give the best ‘elevator pitch’ you possibly can – briefly summarize its best features and functions, list any awards and/or recognitions the app has received, and make sure the copy is well-written and engaging. In this blog post, I’ll give you 5 top-notch services that’ll help you optimize your app and increase your ranking on the App Store & Play Store.

According to research conducted by App Annie, which was published in The Wall Street Journal, Google Play Store outnumbers Apple App Store both in terms of available iOS apps and the total number of downloads. As has been mentioned Apple has very tough restrictions and demands for apps approval in the App Store. This is something that only matters for Google Play, since, like Google’s search engine, it takes PageRank into consideration. Ultimately, the higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential customers. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a must for any Android developer who wants to get noticed in the crowded Google Play Store marketplace. It is also highly encouraged to use single keywords instead of longtail keywords because it gives the algorithm more possible combinations. Also write down the keywords you already added to your app within iTunes Connect.

Given that over 63% of apps are discovered by general browsing or searching within the App Store , there’s no doubt ASO has to be part of any app marketing strategy. App titles are not only important in terms of conversion, they also play a notable role in app rankings. That’s why you can optimize your app in the App Store and make it appear higher up in search results pages. After all, your passion, ingenuity and hard work saw you through the months and years of design and development because you believed that your app provides huge value to consumers. As I wrote it in a blog post (/blog/), App Store marketing is essentially about these 2 things: sticking out and going for the close. Therefore, it’s crucial to encourage your users to rate your app as much as possible. Ratings are also a direct reflection of your app’s performance – a great app will get great ratings. Happy Taiwanese Mahjong was a dying app that only had a few daily installs in the Chinese App Store.

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  • takes care of Off Store ASO factors like CTR rates and downloads.

  • So if you have an app on Android, you can use the same kind of tactics you’d use with SEO to get backlinks from quality sites to point to your website, but instead point it to your Play Store url.
  • Many app publishers do exactly that: They either come up with an idea in-house or ask a content strategist or marketing consultant.
  • You need to know what keywords your target customers are using to search for apps so you can choose yours wisely.
  • Guys from MobileDevHQ says that apps with keywords in their tittle ranks on average 10% higher than apps without keywords in their title.
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  • It’s SEO for app stores and is sizzling hot right now for brands and performance marketers.
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  • Keyword stuffing/irrelevancy: trying to game the system” is something that Google frowns on in ASO and SEO. Only use your category as a keyword if there is a small competition or your app is really popular within such category. Second tool is called Google Trends and it’s made for tracking changes in search volumes for particular keywords all over the world. Your optimal set of keywords rarely is the set that you first opt to put in the app store.

    The new iOS 8 has introduced subcategories, which are also a tremendous help in getting your app seen. On-metadata elements are factors that the app publishers can control and optimize the way they want (e.g: app title, description, etc.). On the other hand, off-metadata factors are totally independent and can’t be controlled, although they can be influenced (e.g: app downloads, reviews & ratings, etc.). High ratings and good reviews not only give a better first impression to people browsing the app store, but they also help apps rank higher in search results. The app icon should be simple- so it would easily be remembered and identified.

    I think this will play a huge role in ASO because it demonstrates how accurate an apps marketing is in relation to the app itself. Apple reports that Repetitive and/or irrelevant use of keywords in the app title, description or promotional description can create an unpleasant user experience and can result in an app suspension. But it is a vital piece of the app marketing puzzle and a should be in the arsenal of every app marketer. A title must be such that it makes people want to know more about the app and its functionality. Elements of personalization across channels include conversion reporting and analysis, platform-based analysis such as Facebook Insights and mobile app analytics, and customer-based analytics to create accurate segmentation, attribution and predictive modeling. The exact ranking algorithm is not public, but there are some known factors influencing the search result ranking in app stores.

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